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Carbon Dioxide
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CO2 carbon dioxide in cylinders

CO2 carbon dioxide in cylinders

Carbon dioxide or liquefied under very high pressure carbon dioxide from Aminosib JSC is a quality product with a high degree of purification, to an extent sufficient for use in food production, obtained as a result of fermentation in the production of ethyl alcohol.

Currently, carbon dioxide (CO2) is widely used in all industries, most often it is used in fire extinguishing systems, as a protective environment for welding with wire, in the production of carbonated beverages, as well as for cooling, freezing, preserving and storing food.

CO2 carbon dioxide production

As mentioned above, carbon dioxide is a by-product of alcohol production. High-tech equipment provides high quality control of the finished product (5,000 tons of CO2 per year), which allows the use of carbon dioxide produced at AminoSib JSC in the food industry.

Being a modern producer of amino acids and one of the largest processors of grain in Russia and the CIS, AminoSib JSC understands all responsibility for the state of the environment of the region and the Country. That is why we invested in cleaning and compressing CO2, rather than throwing it into the environment.

Buy CO2 carbon dioxide in cylinders with delivery

In JSC AminoSib you can buy compressed food carbon dioxide in bulk containers - from 10 tons in volume. As a manufacturer, we can provide product delivery by ourselves. Delivery is carried out both with our own and with the use of hired vehicles.

If necessary, the customer can independently pick up products from our warehouse.


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