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AminoSib - clean technology

Modern society continues to evolve - it is an inevitable aspect of progress and evolution. In order to meet the needs of the growing population of our planet , man is forced to build new factories and processing plants , expand the city , furnished new areas of infrastructure elements. Now we are faced with the main goal - to keep the environment on our planet in order to provide a conducive life to future generations.

Even with this rapid development of the planet remains the region with pure nature , such as Siberia ! Many people think this place is sparsely populated and is not suitable for life because of severe frost and inaccessible ancient forest - the taiga . However, it is not.

Southern Siberia have a unique climate that allows for successful agriculture and animal husbandry . It is in these areas we grow our commodities - wheat , which is the basis for AminoSib products.

Today we have achieved such results , for which we can not only save the environment in the region , but also to create a product which by its characteristics is safe for use in other regions of Russia and the world .

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