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Wheat Gluten Production

Wheat Gluten Production

Dry wheat gluten from AminoSib JSC is an ecologically clean and modern product that is necessary for improving the quality of flour - restoring its protein composition and improving dough characteristics. At its core, wheat gluten is a plant protein that is widely used by food manufacturers. It not only increases the volume of finished products, but also increases its shelf life, which makes it possible to prolong the sale of products. A longer implementation period directly affects the revenue of the manufacturer.

Wheat Gluten Production

AminoSib is a modern enterprise and the largest producer of wheat gluten (gluten) in Russia and the CIS. Due to the fact that the plant has a closed cycle of gluten production, we can control the quality of the product at all stages, from the receipt of the original wheat raw material (grown on our own fields) to the stage of packaging and storing the finished product in our own warehouse, equipped with equipment to control humidity and temperature of air.

Modern production lines allow us to produce high quality dry wheat gluten with a volume of 10 thousand tons per year.

Buy wholesale gluten delivery

In AminoSib JSC you can buy dry wheat gluten in bulk - from 1 ton. We provide the delivery of the product to the buyer independently. Delivery is carried out both with our own and using a hired car or railway transport. All delivery equipment has modern equipment, in accordance with the required safety regulations and ensures the safety of product properties.

If necessary, the customer can independently pick up products from our warehouse.



Wheat gluten grade A (requirements of GOST 31934-2012)
Appearance Powdered Product
Color From cream to yellow or light brown
Odor Peculiar to wheat gluten, without foreign smell
Mass fraction of moisture, not more than 10%
Mass fraction of total ash in terms of dry matter, not more than 2.0%
Mass fraction of protein in terms of dry matter, not less than 70%
Mass fraction of particles larger than 200 microns, not more than 1.0%
Agglomeration time, no more than 40s
Water absorption capacity, not less than 150%
Gluten wheat A grade "AminoSib"
Appearance Compliant
Color Match
Smell Compliant
Mass fraction of moisture 4.2%
Mass fraction of total ash in terms of dry substance 0.7%
Mass fraction of protein in terms of dry matter, not less than 78%
Mass fraction of particles larger than 200 micron 0.5%
Agglomeration time 15-20s
Water absorption capacity 180%
The EAEU Declaration of ConformityRU -RU.05..00340 is valid until 16.03.2018.

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