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The development of agriculture sector in Russia

Russia is a huge country with the same great potential in the agricultural sector . However, after the recession of the past years of investment in this sector , we see that agriculture is at the lowest point in its development. If you have a large number of cultivated fields , we buy grain abroad , the same thing is observed in the livestock industry . Today this problem is exacerbated by the constant growth and consumption.

That is why " AminoSib " has set itself the goal of national scale - to revive and develop the agricultural sector in the regions of Russia . Creating the necessary product of the market , we were able to make it available to domestic consumers at the expense of their own eco- friendly raw materials - wheat , as well as through the use of modern and innovative technology , and a completely different supply chain .

Amino acids and feed additives from " AminoSib " - is necessary for animal components ( Lysine and Bard ) that improve the performance of the final product . They are completely natural and environmentally friendly products , because we apply deep wheat processing technology that allows them to synthesize without the use of chemical additives that are dangerous to the final consumer - you and me .

Another product of the processing of our raw materials - gluten (gluten). This product will allow manufacturers to reduce the proportion of flour purchased raw materials from abroad. Gluten from "AminoSib" serves as a natural and safe ingredients to enhance the quality of flour.

For more information on "AminoSib" products you can find in laying the "Products".

Assessing the current realities and the situation on the global markets, we are confident that our products can become a major factor in the growth of Russian agriculture, being the ideal product import policy!

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