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The main mission of "AminoSib" on the Russian market is the production of amino acids effective import substitution - give the market a quality domestic product at a lower price.

It is no secret that the final cost of the product formed, in particular, and of those costs, which are necessary for its delivery to the end user. We were able to achieve significant results in this direction.

One feature of "AminoSib" is a thought-out logistics chain, which allowed us to reduce the final price of the product, optimizing its delivery to Russia.

First, we use a network of railways and their own rolling stock, in order to deliver products over longer distances - it allowed us to eliminate the rental costs of transportation companies resources that are normally laid in the final cost of the product.

Second, we use our own ground transportation to deliver, all movement on the route in advance and optimized in the future, are tracked with the help of modern means of tracking and registration. Route optimization has enabled us to reduce the number of stops and product congestion, to shorten delivery times.

We appreciate the fact that we managed to achieve the highest-possible balance between the quality of the delivery of our products, its timing and cost. But this does not mean that we do not try to find a more convenient and effective schemes of delivery of the product to the end consumer.

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