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L-Lysine Sulfate
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L-Lysine Sulfate: Production And Wholesale Supply

L-Lysine Sulfate: Production And Wholesale Supply

L-Lysine sulfate is one of the essential amino acids used in animal husbandry. The use of lysine as a feed additive can significantly increase milk yield by 12-20%, provide an increase in the weight of animals and birds by 9-25%, and increase the egg production of chickens by 8-10%. L-Lysine helps strengthen the bones of animals and birds, as it increases the level of absorption of calcium and phosphorus, stimulates the production of red blood cells - red blood cells - which provide the internal organs with a sufficient level of oxygen.

L-Lysine Sulfate Production And Wholesale Supply

Another positive feature of this amino acid is its participation in redox processes in animals and birds. Lysine is also involved in the synthesis of chromoproteins and nucleotides and is a regulator of metabolism in the body.

High-quality L-lysine from AminoSib

Having bought the feed Lysine from AminoSib, you get a naturally synthesized and environmentally friendly feed additive of the highest quality, made from our own raw materials using modern technologies for the deep processing of wheat.

L-Lysine Sulfate Production And Wholesale Supply

AminoSib Lysine is an indispensable component for successful poultry and livestock farming, made in Russia.

AminoSib is the largest producer and supplier of lysine in Russia and the CIS

The production of high-quality dry concentrated L - Lysine sulfate is a technically and technologically sophisticated process, where the quality of the final product directly depends on many factors: raw material indicators, storage conditions, processing principles, etc. AminoSib plant is a modern high-tech manufacturer of Lysine with a capacity of 30,000 tons of finished product per year, which covers 30% of the needs of the Russian market.

Wholesale supply of Lysine from 10 tons

You can buy L-lysine AminoSib in large quantities at wholesale prices - with a volume of 10 tons or more. As a manufacturer and supplier, we can provide product delivery on our own. Delivery is carried out both using your own and using a hired car or railway transport. For this, the plant has a streamlined logistics network of partners. The finished product is packaged in bags of 25 kg (pallet weight 1 ton).

L-Lysine Sulfate Production And Wholesale Supply

If necessary, the customer can independently pick up products from our warehouse. For this, there is all the necessary equipment, infrastructure, and its own railway line.


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