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Aminosib received a certificate of state registration for L-Lysine sulfate

Dear partners!

We inform you that Aminosib JSC has completed the process of state registration of the feed additive L-lysine sulfate.

On June 6, 2019, we received a Certificate of state registration of feed additives for animals under the number PVR-2-18.19 / 03481. Information about registration, as well as a trial version of the instructions for using the feed additive, can be seen on the official page of our products in the state information system "Irena" at a485-4e8b-92f8-f233a9cb083b.

The process of state registration is long-term, due to the need for mandatory tests confirming product safety (no toxicity, compliance with veterinary requirements), the possibility of long-term storage and feed efficiency. The entire required list of tests was initially carried out by us independently, and then, the test results were confirmed during the examination of products at the FSBI VGNKI.

Obtaining a Certificate of State Registration of a feed additive for animals allows us to state with confidence that

L-lysine sulfate manufactured by Aminosib JSC is a safe and effective feed supplement!

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