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Wheat Bran
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Wheat feed bran in high quality granules

Wheat feed bran in high quality granules

Wheat fodder bran is a by-product of the milling industry, which represents worn shells of wheat grains, as well as a certain amount of powdery substances and embryos.

Bran, go directly to feed agricultural animals and poultry, and are also used as raw materials for the production of animal feed.

Granulated fodder bran "Aminosib" - demanded by the modern market product that has significant advantages over the "fluffy" bran for several reasons:

  • an increase in shelf life (6 months from the date of production) and an increase in product safety (during production, during granulation, bran are subjected to additional heat treatment with steam and compacted, thereby reducing the effect of yeast and mold fungi, reducing the level of dissemination by viable forms of microorganisms that retard animal growth and causing disease);

  • high bulk density makes it easy to transport the product over long distances;

  • reduced dust generation (reduction of explosion and fire hazards, ease of feeding animals);

  • smaller storage volumes compared to the starting material;

  • universal granule size (D 6mm) - suitable for feeding both small animals (rabbits) and large ones (cattle, pigs, horses).

Production of feed bran

Feed bran is a by-product of wheat processing. The production process itself is directly related to the production of our other products; therefore, we pay special attention to the quality of the raw materials, therefore the grain is stored under certain conditions, and the process of cleaning it is controlled for compliance with established standards.

AminoSib JSC is a high-tech producer of wheat bran with a capacity of 20,000 tons of finished product per year.

Buy bran wholesale with delivery from the manufacturer

In AminoSib AO you can buy fodder wheat bran in bulk - with a volume of 10 tons. As a manufacturer, we can provide product delivery by ourselves. Delivery is carried out both with our own and with the use of a hired car or railway transport. The product is packaged in bags or loaded in bulk.

If necessary, the customer can independently pick up products from our warehouse.

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