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Aminosib plans to supply ethanol to the African continent

Agroholding "Yubileyny" (Aminosib JSC is a subsidiary) is considering opening a sales office in Africa. Due to the fact that many logistics companies refuse to deliver ethanol, Aminosib will purchase special tank-containers to deliver the product to the required port on its own.

A delegation from the company visited one of the countries on the African continent on a business mission to establish business cooperation, where it held talks with partners and visited the local investment agency and special economic zones.

"Our plant is capable of producing 1,656,000 decaliters of alcohol per year, but given the fact that the Russian alcohol market is oversaturated, it is very difficult to sell the entire volume within the country. In addition, there is strict regulation by the state. Against this background, exporting is the only option to increase production. At the same time, the plant has a closed production cycle, which we consider highly efficient. However, its vulnerability is that if production of one of the three products - lysine (product of import substitution), gluten, or alcohol - is stopped, it is impossible to produce the others. Therefore, we cannot sit idly by in any case, and we are actively searching for new sales markets. Of course, new sales opportunities involve risks and capital investments. Investing in facilities in foreign countries is an absolutely new experience for the "Yubileiny" agricultural holding (it is the parent company for "Aminosib" JSC - ed.), it is a tremendous development and a powerful leap forward," said Sergey Mamontov, the company's CEO. - However, we were able to get as close to this event as possible not only because of our willingness to invest but also because we have always prioritized the quality of our products. The alcohol produced by "AminoSib" has been recognized by international traders and partners as the best of the studied samples, it competes for the first place in quality with Canadian producers - the recognized leader of the African market".

The first delivery of AminoSib® alcohol is expected by the end of 2022. The investments into the project may amount to up to 200 million rubles.


Agroholding "Yubileyny" (the parent company of "Aminosib") - the largest enterprise of the agroindustrial complex of the Tyumen region, working in 4 sectors: crop production (93,000 ha, 14% of cultivated land in Tyumen region, gross harvest - 230,000 tons), pig breeding (200,000 heads per year, 10% of the UFO market), meat processing (14,500 tons, market share in Tyumen region - 63%), deep wheat processing (capacity - 120,000 tons of raw materials, production of 30,000 tons of lysine sulfate (30% market share in Russia), 10,000 gluten, 1,500,000 dal of ethyl alcohol of AminoSib® brand).