| Dried Wheat Gluten: Production and Wholesale Supply

Dried Wheat Gluten: Production and Wholesale Supply

Product Name Wheat Gluten Packaging 25 kg bags, big bag: 1 ton Delivery volume wholesale from 1 ton Meets the standard GOST 31934-2012 Delivery options self-delivery from the territory of the enterprise, we can deliver by truck or by train
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AminoSib® wheat gluten is an environmentally friendly and modern product, which is needed to improve the quality of flour to restore its protein composition and improve the characteristics of the dough.

 Wheat Gluten Production and Supply

Wheat gluten is a vegetable protein that is widely used by food producers. Gluten increases the volume of finished products and increases the shelf life of food, it allows for extending the shelf life. Longer shelf life has a direct impact on the manufacturer's revenue.

Aminosib is the largest producer and supplier of dry wheat gluten

Aminosib factory is a modern enterprise, which is the largest manufacturer and supplier of dry wheat gluten in Russia and CIS. Thanks to the fact that the plant has a closed production cycle, we can control the quality of the product at all stages: from the receipt of raw wheat (grown in our own fields) to the packaging stage and storage of the finished product in a warehouse, equipped with humidity and temperature control equipment.

Wheat Gluten Production and Supply

Modern production lines allow us to produce 10 thousand tons per year. of dry wheat gluten of high quality, which meets the requirements of GOST 31934-2012.

AminoSib® Gluten is recognized in international markets

Wheat gluten AminoSib® is a quality product that already competes in international markets and is exported to partners in the Middle East, Asia, CIS countries, and the USA. Representatives of other countries are already interested in the product.

Buy gluten in bulk from 1 ton with delivery

You can buy bulk wheat gluten from Aminosib in large quantities at wholesale prices of 1 ton. We, as a producer and supplier, can provide product delivery by ourselves. Delivery is carried out both on our own and with the use of hired cars or rail transport. All the delivery vehicles have the necessary modern equipment according to the required safety regulations and ensure the safety of the product properties.

Wheat Gluten Production and Supply

If necessary, the customer can pick up the products from our warehouse. We have all the necessary equipment, infrastructure, and our own railway branch line for this purpose.

Wheat gluten «A» grade

Appearance Powdered product
Color Creamy to yellow or light brown
Odor Characteristic of wheat gluten, with no extraneous odor
Mass fraction of moisture, not more than 10%
Mass fraction of total ash in terms of dry matter, not more 2,0%
Mass fraction of protein in terms of dry matter, not less than 70%
Mass fraction of particles larger than 200 microns, not more than 1.0%
Agglomeration time, not more than 40 sec
Water absorption capacity, not less than 150%
Number of mesophilic aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms, not more 5*10^4 CFU/g
E. coli in 0.1g of product Not allowed

Application for wholesale supply of wheat gluten

ATTENTION! A minimum volume of wholesale supply: 1 ton

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