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AminoSib® products

Modern, high-quality, and environmentally friendly products of the Aminosib factory, recognized by our partners

L-Lysine Sulfate for Feed
L-lysine sulfate is one of the essential amino acids used in livestock production.
Wheat gluten
Gluten is necessary to improve the quality of flour and dough, as well as restore protein composition and improves the characteristics of baked goods.
Ethanol «Lux» and «Alpha»
Highly rectified «Lux» and «Alpha» grade ethanol, which is the winner of the international ethanol competition.
Distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS)
A mineral, protein, and vitamin-rich complex that is used as a feed additive for farm livestock.
Wheat fodder bran
AminoSib® granulated fodder bran is a modern and quality product demanded by the livestock market.
Food-grade carbon dioxide (liquefied CO²)
AminoSib® carbon dioxide is a high-quality and high-purity product for use in food production.

Aminosib Indicators

120 000 tons
The annual capacity of the wheat grain processing plant
≈ $105 million
The investment that the company attracted as a project of National importance
13.5 ha
Production area of the Aminosib company
252 staff
The number of highly qualified employees in the company's staff
5 laboratories
Number of modern high-tech analytical laboratories
60,000 tons
Capacity of modern grain storage of the plant
5000 tons
The annual capacity of the plant for the production of carbon dioxide (CO2)
20,000 tons
The annual capacity of the plant for the production of wheat granulated fodder bran
10,000 tons
The annual capacity of the DDGS plant
1.656 mln dal.
The annual capacity of the ethyl alcohol plant
10,000 tons
The annual capacity of the wheat gluten production plant
30,000 tons
The annual capacity of the L-Lysine plant
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Aminosib is the largest manufacturer of wheat grain deep processing products in Russia

Aminosib is a modern high-tech enterprise for the deep processing of wheat (>120 thousand tons per year). Today the plant is the largest manufacturer of amino acids in Russia. Aminosib is also a project of federal significance, implemented by the parent company Agroholding "Yubileyny".

The plant produces feed L-lysine sulfate, wheat gluten, dried grains with solubles (DDGS), dried wheat bran, luxury and alpha food grade ethyl alcohol, and liquefied carbon dioxide (CO2).

The main feature of Aminosib is the use of its own environmentally friendly raw materials, which are wheat grains grown in the fields of the Tyumen region. Another feature is the use of modern and innovative technologies in the production of amino acids.

These technologies make it possible to preserve useful minerals and trace elements in the finished product.

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