Aminosib is a modern enterprise of federal importance and international scale

The newest history of Russia is a stage of formation of a strong and independent state, able to rely on internal resources. This is the time of large-scale projects, such as the construction of the AminoSib plant.

The start of the design of a modern and high-tech plant for deep processing of grain AminoSib was in 2014. Already in 2018, the plant began supplying its products to the Russian market, from 2019 - to the international market.

Today the company sells such products as L-lysine sulfate, wheat gluten, DDGS, "Lux" and "Alpha" class food ethanol, feed bran, and food carbon dioxide.

Aminosib is a part of the largest enterprise of the Tyumen Region AIC - Yubileyny Agroholding, which cultivates 70,000 hectares of crops, the annual gross harvest reaches 140,000 tons. Thus, the enterprise is fully self-sufficient in raw materials.

Aminosib is a successful example of successful import substitution. This unique plant allowed Russia to provide livestock and poultry farms, food producers, and pharmaceutical companies with quality products. This is a really promising enterprise, which already today helps to create the future.