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Yubileyny Agricultural Holding keeps the course on ecology

The company's corporate program includes two directions: bringing production facilities into compliance with environmental requirements and environmental initiatives.

If the first direction is implemented non-stop, the second is seasonal. And although the warm weather is just settling in, the AminoSib wheat processing factory team has already twice gone out to clean up and plant trees and shrubs in the neighboring territory.

On the northeastern side of Ishim, there are several manufacturing plants. In addition, there is also a federal highway with high traffic of cars and trucks. This creates an increased level of noise and air pollution, which affects the quality of life in the city. The problem is not obvious, but significant.

The management has set a goal to reduce the impact on the lives of Ishim residents of the industries located northeast of Ishim. In this regard, it was decided to plant a large batch of trees on the northern and southern sides of the plant - a double natural barrier of 250 young spruces and 60 pyramidal poplars. These trees belong the tall ones with dense crowns, which means that after a few years the wind speed in the north and northeast directions will be much less felt in the city, and the noise and dust level will be reduced.

In advance, part of the area for tree planting - about 2 hectares - was cleared of fallen trees and debris.