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AminoSib employees planted 6,000 young spruces

Employees of the AminoSib wheat processing plant planted six thousand young spruces on an area of one and a half hectares on May 27 near the village of Bykova in Ishimsky District. This is how a subsidiary of the Yubileyny agricultural holding decided to help the reforestation of the Tyumen region.

According to Aleksandr Petrov, the director of JSC "AminoSib", a five-year ecological program has been worked out and is in effect in the agricultural holding. It provides for full compliance of the company's work with environmental standards and contributes to the natural balance of the region.

"The holding helps to clean up spontaneous dumps, participates in city clean-ups, and improves the territory. Planting forests is a great event. If each organization restores at least one or two hectares, it will be a significant contribution to the nature of the Tyumen region. At the end of the season, we plan to monitor our plantings and replace those that have not taken root," said A. Petrov, director of Aminosib.